Belarus crude steel output in 10 months down by 7pct YoY

According to the data released by Belarus National Statistical Committee, in January to October 2009 the country crude steel production down by 6.9%YoY to 2.75 million tonnes, and finished steel product output down by 2.2%YoY to 1.96 million tonnes.

During the period in question, Belarus output of such products as steel pipe 31.7% YoY to 88,200 tonnes, wire rod by 45.2%YoY to 40,900 tonnes and steel cord down by 28.6%YoY to 58,000 tonnes.

As of November 1st 2009, Belarus steelmakers have accumulated 4,800 tonnes of steel pipes in their warehouses which is 75.6% of their average monthly pipe production volume. Compared to November 1st 2008, the producers' steel pipe reserves have increased by 5.2%. The total value of steel products accumulated in the warehouses of local steelmakers' amounts to BYR 88.5 billion.


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