Belarus to gain access to Venezuelan gas deposits

Belarus will be able to extract natural gas at gas fields in Venezuela, the Venezuelan ambassador to the ex-Soviet republic said on Wednesday.

"Belarus will be able to extract gas as soon as it starts the development of deposits," Americo Diaz Nunez told a press conference in Minsk.

The diplomat explained that under a project of Belarus' participation in the extraction of Venezuelan gas, Belarus would gain access to particular gas fields for development.

Belarus, which has no hydrocarbon resources of its own, heavily depends on energy supplies from Russia and is seeking to diversify energy imports.

State-run Belarusian oil producer, Belorusneft, which opened a representative office in Venezuela in 2007, has already established a joint venture, Petrolera BeloVenezolana, jointly with Venezuela's state-owned petroleum company PdVSA for oil exploration and production.

MINSK, November 18 (RIA Novosti)


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