US Blockade of Cuba Condemned in Kazakhstan and Belarus

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 3 (acn) The Union of the Zhuldyz Association of Children's Social

Organizations from Kazakhstan, and the Society of Veterans-Combatants of the October Crisis from Belarus have condemned Washington's blockade against Cuba.

In a statement made public in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, the aforementioned Union denounced the damages caused by that US policy to Cuban children, the Prensa Latina news agency reports.

"It's very painful to realize that, as a result of the blockade imposed by Washington, Cuban children suffering from oncological diseases can't have access to medicines coming from the United States", reads the document.

The text highlights that "when millions of people on the planet die from hunger and diseases and over six million children die every day as a consequence of unbearable living conditions, infant mortality rate in Cuba is the lowest among those of Third World nations."

Meanwhile, in a meeting held in Minsk, the veterans who participated in the 1962 October Crisis pointed out that the blockade seeks to make the Cuban Revolution and its example to the world disappear.

Colonel Nicolay Jateshev, deputy chief of the Ideological Department of the Defense Ministry in Belarus, expressed his appreciation for the tribute paid by the island to the October Crisis Belorussian combatants.

For his part, Cuban ambassador Alfredo Nieves thanked Belarus for its friendship and fraternal support, especially that of its internationalist combatants.


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