Gas price for Belarus will be 30-40% below price for other countries


The price of gas for Belarus will be 30-40% below the price for countries bordering Belarus next year, President Dmitry Medvedev's aid.

"Regarding gas relations, they have been placed on a solid legal footing. We have been delivering this gas at $122 per 1,000 cubic meters in the fourth quarter, taking into account the 30% discount negotiated this year between Gazprom and its counter-agents," Medvedev said in answer to questions from Belarusian reporters.

"Next year, the price - it is being formed now and I will not announce it - will be shaped automatically, based on the contract signed. But I can say exactly that this price will be some 30-40% below the price of gas shipped to comparable territories and comparable countries," he said.

Such a discount is possible due to the mechanisms laid down in the bilateral agreements and due to the fact that Russia is a party in the Belarusian gas transportation system and it also implements joint projects, he said.

"Therefore, saying that we have problems in oil or gas trade would be premature, in my opinion," the Russian president said.

The discussion of this issue must not affect the future of the Customs Union in any way, he said.

Asked what countries are meant by the term "comparable territories and comparable countries", Medvedev said, "countries that have about the same transportation system in terms of the length of the pipeline and the transportation tariff."


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