Belarus and Lithuanian Officials Treat Issues of Military Cooperation

The Belarusian Defence Ministry hosted consultations on the issues of military cooperation with its Lithuanian counterparts. The activity involved representatives of the directorate for foreign military cooperation, Belarusian Defence Ministry, and the department of international relations and operations, Lithuanian Defence Ministry.

In the course of the consultations the parties summarised the results and discussed near-term prospects of military cooperation between the two states. The participants exchanged their views on the topical issues of European security and armed forces development.

Both parties stressed that there was a mutual concern in bolstering military cooperation in the military sphere and that bilateral military cooperation between Belarus and Lithuania had been developing rapidly and consecutively.

One of the most important joint events in 2009 was a working meeting between the commanders of the Belarusian Air Force and Air Defence and the Lithuanian Air Force. The meeting was held in Kaunas in July and the two parties reached agreements, aimed at enhancing interaction in the sphere of exchanging data on flights.

It is also worth mentioning that Lithuanian journalists took part in a press tour of foreign mass media to the Republic of Belarus. As a result Lithuanian media resources released a series of objective reports about the Belarusian Armed Forces.

Belarusian service members learn foreign languages at international courses in the Lithuanian Military Academy.

The year of 2009 saw considerable progress of cooperation in the sphere of the armed forces' manning.

The participants of the consultation concluded that the Plan of Military Cooperation Activities between the Belarusian and Lithuanian defence ministries was being well implemented in the current year.

The parties adopted the Plan of Military Cooperation Activities for 2010, which is the main result of the event. From the Belarusian side the document was signed by Colonel Igor Zarovkin, chief of the directorate for foreign military cooperation, from the Lithuanian one - by Robertas Sapronas, chief of the international relations and operations department.

The activities to be implemented under the document signed will raise the relations between the two states to a new level, as well as establish a solid legal framework for further cooperation in the sphere.

The plan foresees close interaction in the spheres of finance and economics, arms control, peacekeeping, information and press, environment protection at military objects.

The Belarusian and Lithuanian defence ministries will also continue cooperating in the spheres of law and troops manning, implementing the bilateral Agreement on Additional Confidence- and Security-Building Measures, advanced language study for service members and in other areas.


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