Belarus longs for Azerbaijani oil

Belarus is interested in Odessa-Brody pipeline supplies, Ukrainian Ambassador to Belarus Igor Likhovy stated. "Previously, Ukrainian signals on new oil pipeline from Caspian Sea to north were in the air. And presently we see they are heard also in Belarus," Ukrainian diplomat said adding that, "They say, proposals are elaborated by the experts and Belarus displays interest, however due to various reasons it is not involved in processes yet. One of the reasons is that the project does not provide any guarantees of pipeline being filled with crude oil."

According to Likhovy, Belarus' interests in Caspian and Central Asian regions are to be considered, particularly enhancing ties with Azerbaijan and Iran.

"The point is not price negotiation, but the security of supplies. Often problems with technical security of old pipelines operation emerge. An idea to construct roundabout routes leaped, however under independent experts' opinion they are not prospective for Europe," Likhoviy concluded.


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