FBD: Heineken launches Zlaty Bazant beer production in Belarus

by Eugene Vorotnikov Moscow

November 26 2009 - Dutch beer giant Heineken has started the licensed production of famous Slovak beer Zlaty Bazant in Belarus. This is the third beer brand which is produced by the company under license in Belarus. Earlier it has started the production of "Doctor Diesel" and Gosser brands.

Currently the licensed brands occupy about 10% of the total portfolio of Heineken's brands produced in Belarus. The company is not going to stop and, according to the Marketing Director of Heineken Belarus Natalia Litvinova, planning to increase the share of its licensed brands.

The company has already received all the needed approvals from Heineken International and is going to start the licensed production Zlaty Bazant at the capacities of SYABAR plant in the city of Bobruisk.

During the next several months Heineken is planning to launch a massive promotional campaign of Zlaty Bazant brand in Belarus with the help of TV and retail chains, while in early 2010 Heineken the brand will be presented in the segment of HoReCa where it in the form of bottled as well as draft beer.

At present Heineken owns two brewing companies in Belarus: IZAO "SYABAR" and OJSC "Rechitsapivo, which were acquired by the Dutch brewery in December 28, 2007 and May 2008 respectively.


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