Belarus - EurAsEC countries refining measures to introduce Customs Union mechanism on 1 January 2010

The formation of the Customs Union and the single economic space within the EurAsEC framework was discussed by participants of the Integration Committee of the community in Minsk on 26 November. Belarus Vice Premier Andrei Kobyakov remarked, "Today the Customs Union Commission will also consider the documents that will be presented to EurAsEC heads of state tomorrow" in more detail.

In line with the action plan for forming the Customs Union within the EurAsEC framework the unified customs tariff of the Customs Union is supposed to be adopted at a session of the Interstate Council of heads of state in Minsk on 27 November. The unified customs tariff will be in effect as from 1 January 2010. The heads of state are also supposed to adopt the Customs Union Customs Code Treaty in order to enforce it as from 1 July 2010. The information was released by EurAsEC Secretary General Tair Mansurov at a session of the integration committee.

The next day the resolution on enforcing international treaties on tariff and non-tariff regulations, on a united system of restrictions and bans in merchandise trade inside the Customs Union is supposed to be adopted. EurAsEC member-states, the Customs Union Commission will be authorized to deal with foreign trade regulations.

The sides are now completing intrastate procedures required to enforce the international treaties.

In order to create conditions for forming the single customs territory, the heads of government will consider international agreements that enable the application of technical regulations, sanitary, phytosanitary, veterinary measures in the Customs Union at a session on 11 December 2009, said Tair Mansurov. Matters concerning the creation and functioning of an integrated information system for foreign trade and mutual trade will be also considered. Procedures for collecting indirect taxes and the mechanism to control their payment during export, import of commodities and provision of services in the Customs Union will be determined. The adoption of the measures will allow the Customs Union to start functioning as from 1 January 2010, remarked Tair Mansurov.

He also added that work is now in progress to adjust 24 international agreements that form the legal base of the single economic space, with six agreements already adjusted by experts.

Starting 1 January 2010 Customs Union countries will introduce a unified system of restrictions in foreign trade, EurAsEC Deputy Secretary General Sergei Glazyev told media.

"Tomorrow fateful decisions will be taken. They will enable the package of agreements on creating the Customs Union. Thus, we will launch the Customs Union," said Sergei Glazyev.

Starting 1 January 2010 Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan will use unified customs tariffs. A package of agreements on non-tariff regulations has been prepared, too. As from 1 January the Customs Union countries will be able to use unified restrictions in the foreign trade. In addition, decisions will be taken to record actions of the Customs Union commission as a supranational body, which decisions will be binding in all the Customs Union states, said Sergei Glazyev.

Thus "both the mechanisms and the load-bearing frame of the Customs Union" will start working, stressed the official.


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