KGB of Belarus prepared gift for Italian Prime Minister

Today, during the visit to Belarus the Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berluskoni received from the Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko the copies of archival documents on the Italian citizens, prisoners of the WWII in Soviet camps in the territory of Belarus, and materials about the Italians who have been subjected to repression in the USSR territory in the 1930s, news agency BelaPAN reports.

"We always have been aspiring to present our friends a worthy gift,"news agency cites Lukashenko. "As a result of laborious work of the employees of the State Security Committee, KGB, the materials about the destiny of the Italian citizens who were in the prisoners of war camps during the WWII in the territory of Belarus have been collected. The data on ethnic Italians who have been subjected to repressions in the USSR territory in the 1930s have also been collected".

Lukashenko emphasized that Belarus transferred these documents to the Italian side "in spirit of good will and with a view of strengthening the interstate relations between Belarus and Italy". Similar documents have never before been transferred to Italy, BelaPAN marks.


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