Alexander Lukashenko: Those who create panic around A/H1N1 virus are the producers of medicines

Baku - APA. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is sure that those who create panic around A/H1N1 virus (swine flu) are the producers of medicines, APA reports quoting UNIAN. Alexander Lukashenko focused his attention on swine flu at the pres conference he held in Kiev together with Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yushchenko.

"I know what is happening in the corrupted sphere engaged in producing and selling medicines," he said.

Lukashenko said 21 died of pneumonia in Belarus in 2008, when swine flu was not discussed. He said 19 died this year, 6 were tested positive for swine flu.

"This flu is not an incurable disease like leprosy, cholera, it can be cured," he said.

Alexander Lukashenko called on the people not to panic and make a stir about the matter. He urged the infected people to consult the doctor.


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