Ukraine - President Yushchenko: Europe would benefit from dynamic cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus

President Victor Yushchenko is convinced that Europe would benefit from open, dynamic and honest cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus. "We are talking now about the region, which can bring tremendous benefits to the European continent", said President Yushchenko at his joint press conference with the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko today in Kiev.

Victor Yushchenko stressed that it is not about the individual interests of Ukraine or Belarus. Instead, he said, but the "mutual approach" between the EU and Ukraine and Belarus, where motives interest of all parties are equal.

The President said that today he had a phone conversation with the President of the European Commission, during sides have discussed the implementation of the Eastern Partnership. "One of the results of our current negotiations is that Ukraine and Belarus want to joint the system of joint projects within the framework of the European Union's Eastern Partnership, and I have received strong political support and assurances of the President of the European Commission Mr. Barroso that the EU would gladly welcome Ukraine and Belarus to any projects within the Eastern Partnership", said Victor Yushchenko.


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