Poles want to save Czeslaw Niemen's house in Belarus

Suprasl is a small city near Bialystok wher fans of Czeslaw Niemen decided to establish a special association connected with well known Polish singer. The association decided to find needed money for the renovation of Niemen's house in Satre Vasylishki.

The association, which is being registered, wants to turn this house into a museum of our outstanding singer. The registration is very important because it gives opportunity to get needed money from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The ministry agreed for this idea and informed that all needed money would appear on a bank account of the association. The project will be supported by Polish and Belarusian cultural organizations like Polish-Belarusian Consultant Commission for National Heritage.

Czeslaw Niemen (real name - Juliusz Wydrzycki) was born in Stare Valihowy in 1939 when the city owned to Poland. Today the city is a part of Belarus. The old house of Wydrzycki family is empty because the last owner died without heirs and it belongs to the county. Polish association will try to renovate this house (200 thousand zloty - 50 thousand euro, should be enough) and nearby surroundings, for example squalid garden and orchard.


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