Agritechnica 09: Belarus diesel-electric tractor generates 172kW of DC power

David Cousins

It's not often that the star of the Agritechnica show has a Belarus badge on it, but this year that's potentially the case.

The ex-Soviet, now Belarussian, tractor maker has a diesel-electric tractor on show. It's not the first of its type, because Deere grabbed that slot with its E-Premium tractor.

But whereas the Deere produces 20kW of power, the 295hp Belarus puts out an amazing 172kW of DC electricity. That power, among other things, is used to run the front pto, so for the first time pto revs can be entirely independent of engine revs.

The plan, as with the Deere, is to use that power to run fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and anything else that needs turning, as well as spinning on-board items like compressors and air-conditioning units.

At this early stage of the show we don't have any more details on this extraordinary tractor, but we'll bring them to you as soon as we can.


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