Belarus Reports Nearly 1/4 Million Cases of Flu

From the web site Recombinomics, where they have translated an article that describes a significant influenza outbreak in Belarus...

According to the press service of Belarus continues to rise in the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections (ARI). From 2 to 9 November in 18 cities of the republic controls 223,349 registered cases of influenza and ARI. Among the control of cities, the highest incidence rates of influenza and ARI recorded in Rechitsa, Gomel, Mozyr, Molodechno, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Borisov, Minsk, Soligorsk.

In the region from 2 to 9 November diagnosed with influenza and acute respiratory infections (ARI), put 48,752 people, of which the proportion of children was 49% (24051), adults - 51% (24701). Share hospitalized was 2.7% (1,299 people). Among the hospitalized children predominate (60%).

Translation is a little rough, but there is more information at the site, including some speculation about small genetic changes in virus position 225, which have now been reported in multiple swine isolates.


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