Lukashenko: The Karabakh conflict should be solved by the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan

The Nagorno Karabakh issue should be solved by the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenoko said in an exclusive interview with Trend News. "I have always told the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia that this problem should be solved by the two Presidents. One should not rely on any intermediaries, although there is the OSCE Minsk Group. If Minsk as the center of this group can contribute to resolution of the conflict, we will be happy to do it. But only the two presidents can solve this issue," he said.

According to the President of Belarus, the involvement of intermediaries may be good, but it binds the opinions of the third, fourth and fifth parties. "Everyone will try to build a policy for itself. If I reason correctly and you agree with this, then you must agree upon the fact that the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan can solve this problem. How to solve? First of all, it should take place based on interests of people residing there. They cannot live in such situation and conditions. Smart people will always find a way to resolve it, or at least, they must find."

"Therefore, we support the process in the direction that this issue should be resolved by the two countries, two presidents and two peoples. Sit down, be determined and resolve. And people will always be grateful for it," Lukashenko said.


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