Lukashenko on Karabakh issue

Belarus had neither turned to Nagorno-Karabakh issue in its politics nor kept company with someone against another, Alexander Lukashenko told in the interview with Trend News Agency.

"In various areas we cannot stand aside in Transdniestrian, Crimean, and Karabakhi issues. I have often discussed this issue with former and incumbent Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan," said Lukashenko pointing out he has never interfered into "numerous problems" and nuances that this issue comprises.

Lukashenko states that he realizes how critical the issue for Armenian and Azerbaijani people is, meanwhile expressing confidence that the two presidents will resolve the conflict. This Gordian knot should be cut, there is no need to confide in any mediators. Although there is a Minsk Group, and if Minsk as a centre of its creation can assist somehow, we will gladly do so," Belarus President declared adding that mediators' involvement "might be a good idea, but it incites liabilities, mandatory consideration of the third, firth and fifth parts."

Lukashenko reckons that every mediation side will try to implement a policy based on its own interests. As for Karabakh issue settlement, he considers that it should be reached only reckoning with NKR people interests, "people cannot live in those conditions and situation and resolution ways will be found by smart people anyhow, they have to." recalls, that President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev leaves for Minsk Nov. 12.


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