Russia Belarus and Kazakhstan agreed on uniform approach - Mr Putin

Interfax citing Mr Vladimir Putin Prime Minister has said Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan reached consensus on the notion of equal profitability in fuel deliveries.

He said that "There are no differences but it is a complex process of harmonizing interests. What can be regarded as most intricate we already spoke of issues related to energy: power engineering and hydrocarbons."

He added that attendees discussed today what should be regarded as equally profitable prices.

Mr Putin said "In the context of the Russian domestic market we speak of the equal profitability for our producers, Gazprom, independent producers compared to export prices."

He said that Russia is getting to this without a hurry, softly, guaranteeing the corresponding interests of the producers and consumers. He added that "We spoke today of what we understand by equal profitability with regard to different economic entities in the three countries and generally agreed on a uniform approach to these terms and notions."

(Sourced from Interfax)


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