Best you cancel your holiday to Belarus, magistrate tells man who threw 15 punches and four kicks to victim

AN angry man who threw 15 punches and delivered four kicks to a victim in the street has been told to cancel his travel plans to visit Belarus, so he can carry out 150 hours of unpaid work to benefit the community.

"I suggest you do not leave, but you cancel your ticket," Hermah Varikau was told by Peter Waterfield, presiding magistrate at Wisbech courthouse.

"It is between you and the probation service how you manage to complete the work, but if you do not complete it, you will go to prison."

The court heard how furious Varikau launched an attack on his victim after the man had sworn at his girlfriend.

A first punched knocked his victim to the ground, and he continued the onslaught with 14 more punches.

Varikau, 22, of Bowthorpe Road, Wisbech, also kicked the man on the ground, three kicks connected with his back, and one to the head.

Solicitor Andrew Spence said Varikau had been out for the evening, and was in a car when his victim had tried to get into the vehicle. Varikau's girlfriend told the man to get out of the car, and when she was met with abuse, Varikau assaulted the man.

"He clearly accepts his response was disproportionate and not justifiable," said Mr Spence, "he is genuinely remorseful. This was an isolated incident and wholly out of character."

Magistrates were told that Varikau planned to travel to Belarus on November 21.

But he was given a three month suspended jail sentence that required him to carry out 150-hours of unpaid work, and was ordered to pay ?85 costs.


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