President Lukashenko Pledges Highest Democratic Standards In Belarus Polls

MINSK, Nov 3 (BERNAMA-NNN-BELTA) -- President Alexander Lukashenko has assured that the forthcoming presidential elections in Belarus will be held in strict compliance with democratic standards.

The Belarusian President made this statement when he met with the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland here Tuesday.

"I am aware of the popular position -- let us wait until the elections. In this connection, I would like to say that it is not the first and not the last elections in Belarus," said President Lukashenko.

"I would like to assure you -- as you have been courageous enough to come here on the eve of the elections, not everyone would do it -- that the elections will be flawless.

"Being the incumbent president, I would like to promise you on behalf of the government that the elections will be held to the most democratic standards. I have reiterated it on numerous occasions to the people of Belarus and I want to assure you of that.

"We do not need non-transparent elections that will be questioned by the international community.

"Today, anyone from any country of the world who wants to visit our country before the elections or during the elections, and representatives of international organisations received the broadest access to the Belarusian society.

"Those who wanted to come are already here. We will remain committed to this policy in the future."

He emphasised that "no one on this planet is more interested in the legitimacy of the elections".

"First of all, we are interested in the legitimacy of the elections, so that no questions will arise later," President Lukashenko added.


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