Live and Let Live - Belarus President Raises Hands

Alexander Lukashenko, honorable president of Belarus has ventilated his views regarding the attachment of Belarus with Russian territory. He has refuted the idea by venting his spleen on the wrong commitment of Russian political big brothers by sketching a fictitious strategy regarding the inclusion of Belarus in the map of Russia.

The Belarus president has stated in clear cut terms that in past the same mistake was committed by European Union's by putting pressure on the administrative machinery ofBelarus to be agreed to accept the proposal of re-union with Russia.

It is absurd and Russian government must admit that every sovereign country has a specific landmark with independent people living within the periphery of the country.

Russia can't overstep limits to tamper with domestic affairs of Belarus. The fact is that Russian political scenario is totally different from Belarus.

Russian government has lack of knowledge in taking decision without doing harm to others. This type of political infringement and illegitimate supremacy over the foreign country can't be supported for the benefits of the safety of people. He further stated that both Russia and European Unions have hidden agendas to spread dominance over other countries in illegitimate way.


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