Lukashenko Releases Manifesto for Presidential Election

President Alexander Lukashenko on Saturday released his election manifesto ahead of Belarus' presidential election, vowing to further develop the country's independence if re-elected.

Belorussians will become wealthier, Lukashenko said in his manifesto published in the newspaper Soviet Belarus, adding that he will continue to develop the country's infrastructure and housing, as well as people's salaries and pensions.

"Belarus should become one of the top fifty countries with the highest human potential development index, and the living standards in Belarus will approach European ones by 2015," he said.

In addition, the president promised to keep the country's independence.

"We do not choose between the East and the West and are not going to be anyone's appendage. Belarus has its own deserving place in Europe and the world," he said.

The president also encouraged families to have more children, promising that the government will give an apartment to those families with four or more children.

Lukashenko promised in October that the Dec. 19 election would be conducted in strict accordance with national and international laws.

On Nov. 18, the Belorussian Central Election Commission announced that 10 candidates, including Lukashenko, have been officially registered for the upcoming election.


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