Kyiv-based Belarus opposition journalist decries intimidation by police

Police officers tried to enter the Kyiv apartment of Belarus opposition journalist Oleksandr Tsinkevych without a search warrant, Ukrayinska Pravda quotes the journalist as saying Nov. 4.

The group included 2 policemen from the squad fighting organized crime and a colonel from Crimea, Tsinkevych went on.

The policemen said they want to question the journalist in relation to The Komersant issue in Crimea.

When Tsinkevych advised them to contact Ukraine foreign ministry as he is accredited to work in Ukraine, the police sent for a workman with tool who tried to break the door to the journalist's apartment.

"When I called a police patrol, they stopped breaking the door. I told them there are children in the apartment and they are scared. The police officials did not react and continued to threaten me," the Belarus journalist said.

The journalist made his case to the police patrol. After the patrolmen had left, the police officers continued to intimidate the journalist, telling him he might become the second Gongadze [the investigative journalist murdered in 2000 - Ed.].

Tsinkevych said he writes articles for an Belarus opposition publication, including materials about Ukraine.

In October, a fake issue of The Komersant was disseminated in Crimea. It carried discrediting materials about Crimea Premier Vasyl Dzharty.


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