Belarus invites Russia, Latvia to monitor presidential election

Belarus' Central Election Commission (CEC) on Friday invited Russia and Latvia to monitor its presidential election, reiterating Belarus will meet Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Election Standard Convention though the country has not joined it so far.

CEC Chairperson Lidia Yermoshina said the commission had respectively sent messages to the heads of Russian Central Election Commission and Latvian Central Election Commission.

Yermoshina said she had invited her colleagues to monitor the election, adding that "more invitations will be sent to central election commissions of other countries next week."

"Observers will have access to the vote counting procedure ... will watch the count of votes from a close range," Yermoshina said.

In October, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said it was scheduled to send a long-term observer mission to Minsk in November starting to observe the country's presidential election.

The Observation Mission from CIS had begun its working in the Brest and Vitebsk regions of Belarus since Oct. 20.

Presidential elections in Belarus is scheduled for Dec. 19. Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko promised in October that the presidential elections would be conducted in a strict accordance with the national and international laws.


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