Besides Armenia and Belarus, other former Soviet Union countries teach history in nationalist interpretation

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ "Interpretation of the general history of Russia and peoples of post-soviet states in school history textbooks of newly independent states" report was presented on December 1 in Moscow.

As the press office of the State Duma RF, the report is written with support of Russia's National Laboratory of Foreign Policy and based on the research funded by the "National Club" Fund.

187 history school books and teaching aids of 12 countries of the former Soviet Union have been translated and studied, 5 scientific conferences with more than 150 scientists, historians, social scientists and political scientists of the former USSR have been held. Large-scale surveys have been conducted in countries to assess the images of the past in public consciousness.

As the studies revealed, besides Armenia and Belarus, other former Soviet Union countries teach nationalist interpretation history, based on myths about the antiquity of its people, the high cultural mission of the ancestors and the "sworn enemy" . A common feature of school textbooks is a desire of new nation-states to represent relationships with Russians and Russia as a source of disasters.


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