France: Patricia Kaas in Greece and Belarus

Patricia Kaas, the French superstar who represented her country at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, continues her extremely successful Kabaret tour which took her all over France and Russia. New dates have been added and Patricia will be visiting countries for the first time.

Patricia's Kabaret show, a tribute to the 1930's, features a total of 23 songs, mostly new but also some of her most famous recordings. Patricia is accompanied on stage by a host of hand picked artists from the opera, contemporary dance and electro scene.

The Kabaret show kicked off in 2008 and will go well into 2010 aiming to cover a total of 170 cities in Europe, Asia and North America. The first dates for 2010 have already been confirmed and apart from three dates in Paris, Patricia is scheduled to visit Belarus and Greece for the first time. On 6th February, Patricia Kaas will be performing at the Badminton Theatre in Athens and on the 13th at the famous Palace of the Republic in Minsk.

Ticket sales start on the 15th for Greece through Ticket prices range from 30 to 80 euro.


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