Sorainen becomes first ISO-certified regional law firm in the Baltics, Belarus

Sorainen Belarus is the first law firm, and among the first companies overall, in Belarus to receive the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. This new milestone now extends the unified quality management of Sorainen from the Baltics to Belarus as well.

Aku Sorainen, the senior partner of law firm Sorainen, said: "We are continuously working to further improve our working processes and quality standards with the aim of securing the same level of excellence in service for our clients in all offices. We are very happy that now our newest office in Belarus has also reached this quality standard," notes Aku Sorainen.

In 2006 Sorainen became the first law firm in the Baltics to be certified with ISO 9001. ISO 9001 certification means that all working procedures are documented, harmonized, and implemented between different offices.

The Belarus office was opened at the beginning of 2008 to support Sorainen clients in Belarus.

Sorainen is a leading regional business law firm with fully integrated offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus. Established in 1995, today Sorainen numbers more than 100 lawyers advising international and local organisations on all business law issues involving the Baltics and Belarus.

Sorainen was awarded recognition as the Baltic Law Firm of the Year by The Financial Times and Mergermarket (2008), The International Financial Law Review (2009) and PLC Which lawyer? (2009). Furthermore Sorainen Tallinn was awarded the Best Employer in Estonia in 2009.


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