President Says Unloading Of Belarusian Warehouses Too Slow

MINSK, Dec 15 (NNN-BELTA) - President Alexander Lukashenko says the unloading of warehouses of Belarusian companies is unacceptably slow and that the performance in the first 11 months of this year indicates that both the government and local authorities have not yet overcome the negative social and economic development tendencies that have been piling up since late 2008.

The president, who made the relevant statement at a Cabinet session held here Monday to discuss Belarus' social and economic development goals for 2010, said among the problems were the reduced output of major industries, consumer market problems, the worse financial status of Belarusian companies, growing misbalance of foreign trade and "inadmissibly slow unloading" of warehouses that are overstocked with finished products.

According to him, statistics showed that the necessary momentum in unloading warehouses had yet to be reached. "Today we will hear out governors and what they are doing to fulfill my instructions," he said.

"The government is doing it in a way that I am starting to get doubts. The governors have been instructed to deal with this problem. Now we will see if they had set their minds to it.

It is an undeniable fact that we need to use all the existing ties with regions of the neighbouring states in order to promote domestic products made by industrial companies."

President Lukashenko demanded that all the social and economic development targets set for 2010 be absolutely fulfilled.

"It has become traditional to discuss topical issues of our state's development. This practice has proved efficient; it enables us to co-ordinate in a timely manner the activities of the national and local authorities. Promptness is what we badly need today," he said.

"Several weeks are left before the new year starts. The other day I have signed fundamental documents setting the objectives of the social and economic development for this period."

The president approved the most important forecasts and targets of the monetary policy of the Republic of Belarus. A law on the national budget will be adopted in the near future.

"To put it straight, the targets that we set are extremely high and ambitious. But their fulfillment is a matter of honour for us," President Lukashenko stressed.

He added that it made no sense to speculate whether these targets were high or not. The documents had been approved, they had become a law.

"However we should understand that only by materializing our goals we will be able to make up for the setback caused by the global crisis, restore the high economic growth rate, complete the current five-year term successfully and fulfill everything that we pledged at the Third All-Belarus People's Assembly," he said.

"Of course, we have to spare no effort to achieve this. We have talked about it a lot. Everybody knows what goals we have to meet. Today we need to discuss how we are going to reach them."

There is no force majeure like last year, the head of state said, noting that the global economy and the neighboUring markets are recovering. "Let's work, look for new approaches to getting these goals implemented," he urged.

"We are not going to cover all the problems during this meeting because it precedes the big meeting which will sum up the 2009 results. It is when we will assess the performance of all management bodies for the past four years. We will analyze in detail what has been done. If necessary, we will adjust the actions of all managerial structures to end the five-year term on a good note."

Monday's meeting focused on the main areas of work to reverse the negative tendencies in the economy and the 2010 goals. Urgent issues of foreign trade, economic and social life were also discussed. - NNN-BELTA


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