Blogging: Heineken re-brands Bobrov beer in Belarus

December 17 2009 - The measure is supposed to refresh the image of the product. Now it uses PET packaging Top Star which is a novelty for the Belarusian producer.

The solution offers additional protection against accidental opening, penetration of dirt and dust. Bobrov's basic bottle design has been in place since October 2006.

A lot has changed since then and the design stopped matching the brand. Back in 2008 Bobrov was re-branded to emphasize quality. According to the marketing research firm AC Nielsen, Bobrov accounted for 7.4% of Belarus' beer consumption in November 2009.

Back in December 2008 the company successfully re-launched the Rechitskoye brand (Rechitsapivo company), increasing its share on the home market from 2.1% in December 2008 to 4.3% in November 2009.


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