Azerbaijan starts producing autocranes

The Ganja automobile plant has started producing MAZ Kapaz autocranes.

"This autocrane is equipped with an electric system and is completely safe", deputy chief engineer of the plant Vidadi Mammadov told a presentation of six Kapaz autocranes in Ganja Thursday.

He said the assembly of an autocrane with a capacity of 25 tons takes a week. The length of the crane arm is 28 meters. It is capable of lifting 25 tons at a distance of 3 meters, 16 tons at a distance of 10 meters and 400 kg at a distance of 28 meters.

Belarus ambassador in Azerbaijan Nikolai Patskevich told in turn that the quality of Kapaz autocranes can compete cars produced in Belarus by their quality.

"When we visited the plant in 2007, it was assembling the first tractor. Now it is assembling an autocrane. It shows that the plant is quite developed and it can produce cars on a high level", he said.

The plant intends to produce Belarus tractors and MAZ autocranes in terms of the state order beginning from 2010.

1573 Belarus tractors and 79 MAZ autocranes have been assembled at the plant since 2007.

The enterprise has about 300 employees.



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