Cat exhibition in Minsk, Belarus: Rolls Royce of cat shows

Minsk, Belarus - The International Cat Show in the Belarus capital of Minsk attracts cat lovers from around the world.

Eight countries participated in cat exhibition today in Minsk and is considered "the Rolls Royce of cat shows."

Applications for the participation in the exhibition have come from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

Examination procedures and an exposition of cats took place simultaneously during the exhibition today.

The Belarusian Cat Lovers Association "Felinologist" was set up 1989. This is Belarus' only organization represented in Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe).

For two decades the association has achieved great success in breeding and studying of cats.

It has departments in Vitebsk and Gomel. Every year Belarus hosts from two to three cat exhibitions under the aegis of FIFe and several expositions for cat loves to learn more about different breeds of cats, to get consultations on keeping and breeding questions.


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