SA sex crimes fugitive charged in Belarus

Liezl Thom

Sex crimes accused Dirk Prinsloo was formally charged in Belarus on Thursday.

He was arrested in the European country earlier this year.

Prinsloo,who is charged with attempted robbery, thuggery and sex crimes against teenage girls in South Africa, spent several years on the run after ge skipped bail in 2006 and fled the country.

He was arrested in the former Soviet state earlier this year after he allegedly tried to rob a bank. His trial was expected to start early next year.

The former Pretoria advocate skipped bail while on trial with his former girlfriend Cezanne Visser.

She has since been found guilty of molesting several women and girls but will spend Christmas at home, after sentencing proceedings were postponed this week.

Prinsloo will be tried on the same charges in South Africa once he has served his sentence in Belarus.


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