Christians heading to Belarus on Chernobyl anniversary

Belarus (MNN) -- It's been 20 years since a toxic nuclear cloud was released from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine, but people in the region are still suffering. That's why Glocal Aid Network , USA (GAiN USA) is heading there with a team on March 31st.

GAiN's Tim Burns says, "Although Chernobyl's nuclear reactor was actually located in Ukraine, 190,000 tons of toxic waste that fell from that, about 60 to 70-percent (depending on the estimates) fell on southern Belarus. So, Belarus really took the majority of the hit."

A team of about 30 people are heading to Southern Belarus, says Burns. "We're going to be partnering with local churches and we're going into orphanages, we're going into hospitals, schools, welfare centers, going to where the hurting people are."

The team will be distributing basic medical supplies, vitamins, school supplies, toys and Christian literature all in an effort to show them the hope they can truly get through Christ alone.

What's exciting is they're working through the local church, which gives a lift to the pastor and the church in the community. "Some of these pastors might have a hard time getting into orphanages and getting into the hospitals. When we're coming in with a group of American who's bringing in just loads of humanitarian aid to them, well then all of a sudden that pastor is seen in a different light."

Pray that through this team many will hear about the hope of Christ and turn to Him. Funding is needed to help pay for the humanitarian aid that's already been shipped to Belarus.