Get to know the Belarussian entry for Moscow

We will continue our daily presentations in the road to the Eurovision Song Contest to take place in Moscow, Russia. The three shows taking place in May will decide where we will head on next year.

Today we will be taking a look at Belarus whose entry "Eyes that Never Lie" penned by Valery Prokhozhy and composed by Petr Elfimov will be sung by the composer Petr Elfimov. The singer will be hoping to take his country back into the final as Dmity Koldun had done back in 2007 giving the country their best result thus far.

The Selection

Petr Elfimov will sing the Belorussian song with the song 'Eyes That Never Lie' in Moscow this year. The semi final was held on 15th December over a month before the actual final. Five songs were selected by a professional jury; allowing the finalists to alter and improve their songs in preparation for the final. As one of the five Petr qualified from the Belorussian semi final and won with almost 4000 more votes than the person in second place. The song was written and composed by Petr Elfimov and V. Prokhozhy.

The Artist

Petr Elfimov is more of a TV star in Belarus, he has been competing in a student challenge show called KVN since 1999. He was also the winner of the 2004 Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk. etr has given more than 50 solo concerts in Belarus. He also extensively tours foreign countries. To date, he has produced two solo albums which are entitled "I Want" released in 2005 and "The Bells" released in 2007. Now Petr is working on a new album which will be called "Glance Of Love", which will include the track Eyes That Never Lie in the English and Russian languages the song which is the Belarusian entry into Eurovison 2009.

The Song

The song itself is a very rock, grand, guitar heavy entry. Like many other Belarusian entries before you can quite clearly hear his Belarusian accent. He has an excellent voice and he does have a strong stage presence, but the song in reality is quite boring. He does at times seem to be singing high notes to the point they are just their for the sake of it. They really don't fit into the song and as a result give the song this over sung, desperate kind of feel to it. That final notes also makes me cringe a little, it's far too high for him and actually feels like my brain is being pierced. With some reworking this song could be great, I think in it's present form it is only 'half baked'.

We wish Petr Elfimov the best of luck in the semifinal hoping to make it to the final for since a reversal in fortunes in their tenure hoping that his campaign to bring it home works.



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