Belarus President: Serbs, Resolve Problems On Your Own

NIS, March 06 (Beta) - Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on March 6 sent a message to Serbian citizens saying that they should not expect others to solve their problems, but instead, should cope with them on their own. "If you hope that people will come from abroad, from Europe, you should abandon that hope. Do not expect a solution from abroad, but from those you yourselves elected," Lukashenko told the press at Nis airport, after spending a holiday in Kopaonik. He said that the unemployment rate is one percent in his country, while it was 50 percent when he came into power. "The formula is very simple from mayor to president, everyone should engage in the creating of new jobs and boosting the economy. If we can help, we will," he said. Lukashenko said that it was not easy for Belarus to implement all the reforms, "considering the position previously occupied by the EU and now by the U.S." towards the country. "One of the reasons for such a stand towards us was my position regarding Kosovo's independence and attitude during the (NATO) bombing," Lukashenko stated. He added that the country's stand regarding South Ossetia and Abhasia's independence is already known, but that he will wait for the parliament's decision. "We have a new parliament, and they will make the decision, and I will not give them any suggestions," Lukashenko answered, when asked about the independence of the two provinces after their separation from Georgia. Lukashenko said that, together with Serbian officials and businessmen, he has arranged a work group to be formed, composed of 10 to 15 businessmen who will work on specific economic projects.



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