Belarus reduces oil refining 1.5% in Jan-Feb

MINSK. March 10 (Interfax) - Oil refineries in Belarus refined 3.621 million tonnes in January-February 2009, down 1.5% from the same period of 2008, the Belarusian Statistics Service (Belstat) told Interfax.

Belarusian refineries refined 1.704 million tonnes of oil in February, 4.1% less than in February 2008 and 11.1% less than in January 2009.

Gasoline production at Belarusian refineries was down 0.9% to 0.583 million tonnes in the two months, diesel fuel output fell 1.2% to 1.156 million tonnes, fuel oil production declined 3.8% to 1.144 million tonnes and lubricant output dropped 38.7% to 18,680 tonnes.

In February, Belarusian refineries produced 276,900 tonnes of gasoline (4.6% less year-on-year), 545,900 tonnes of diesel fuel (8.5% less), 531,000 tonnes of fuel oil (13% less) and 9,900 tonnes of lubricants (19.7% less).

A total of 3.358 million tonnes of crude oil was delivered to the refineries in the two months, 11.2% less than a year earlier. They are scheduled to receive a total of 21.5 million tonnes for the full year.

Oil production in Belarus fell 1.6% to 1.278 million tonnes in January-February 2009. Oil production fell 3.4% to 132,070 tonnes in February 2009 from February 2008 and was 7.8% less than in January 2009.

Oil refining at the two Belarusian refineries (Naftan and Mozyr) totaled 21.305 million tonnes in 2008, down 0.2% from 2007. Supplies from Russia totaled 21.132 million tonnes (5.4% more than in 2007) and domestic producers supplied 1.74 million tonnes.



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