OSCE human rights office to observe Belarus trials

WARSAW, 7 March 2011 – The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) will send observers to monitor the trials of presidential candidates, campaign activists and other individuals charged in relation to the events following the 19 December presidential election in Belarus, Ambassador Janez Lenarcic, ODIHR’s Director, said today.

A first group of four observers is expected to arrive on Wednesday to monitor the trials of Dzmitry Miadzvedz, as well as Russian citizens Ivan Gaponov and Artyom Breus.

“As a participating State of the OSCE, Belarus is committed to accepting the presence of international trial monitors. The observers will assess the trials for their consistency with national law and fair trial standards as specified in OSCE documents and legally binding international covenants,” said Lenarcic.

Observers will remain in Belarus and monitor key trials as they take place.

ODIHR will publish a consolidated report based on the findings from all observed trials.


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