DICSA Law firmís Cooperation With the World Bank

The World Bank has prolonged its cooperation with DICSA Law firm on the Doing Business project for 2011-2012.

Minsk, Belarus -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2011 -- Having been advising the World Bank on the Doing Business project in such sections as corporate law, taxation and investment legislation since 2003, DICSA has been selected as contributor to the Getting Credit-Legal Rights Index as an expert on the fields of secured transactions and insolvency.

The Getting Credit-Legal Rights Index is one of the 11 indicators of the Doing Business report. It measures the degree to which collateral and bankruptcy laws facilitate lending and protect the rights of borrowers and lenders. Around the world movable assets, not land or buildings, often account for most of the capital stock of private firms and an especially large share of micro, small and medium-size enterprises. Secured transactions laws should allow such enterprises to use these types of assets as collateral, enabling them to obtain credit at a low cost.

DICSA grants information for research purposes regarding the implementation of secured transactions and insolvency legislation in Belarusian jurisdiction. In particular, the company submits the data concerning: any amendments/reforms in secured transactions laws or regulations; any reform related to secured transactions and insolvency that is ongoing and is expected to be adopted in the long term; available legal mechanisms for securing a loan with movable property in Belarusian economy; debts and obligations; notification and collateral registry; priority of claims outside of insolvency/bankruptcy; priority rules within insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings; enforcement of security interests; transparency of the registration system of the security interest in Belarusian jurisdiction and others


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