YWCA official invited to speak in Belarus

Debra Adams has been invited to speak on the topic of domestic violence in the European nation of Belarus later this month.

Adams is director of the YWCA Clark County’s SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program. She will be in Minsk, the capital of the former Soviet republic, from March 22-27.

The YWCA of Belarus invited her to speak at the March 25 conference, “Combating Domestic Violence in Belarus: International and Local Experience.” Adams also will speak to college students and their social service provider about her experiences, and will attend a YWCA general assembly.

Adams said the U.S. embassy in Minsk was paying for her expenses, including airfare, hotel and interpreter.

In addition to providing information to her counterparts in Belarus, Adams said she hopes to gain some information.

YWCA of Belarus has a lot of experience in helping victims of human trafficking. Adams also hopes to bring back some insights to help YWCA Clark County reach out to people who came here from Eastern Europe.


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