Prosecutor asks Belarus court for large fine for Russian citizens

MINSK, March 10 (Itar-Tass) -- The public prosecutor asked the Belarussian court to find two Russian citizens guilty of participation in mass rioting and sentence them to a large fine.

Representative of the prosecution, senior assistant to the prosecutor of the Moskovsky district of the Belarussian capital Sergei Kunash, asked the court to find Russian citizens Artyom Breus and Ivan Gaponov guilty of participating in mass rioting and to impose on them a fine of 17 million Belarussian rubles (roughly 5,600 dollars) each.

The public prosecutor said in the court on Thursday that Breus and Gaponov, during the mass rally on December 19, 2010, “used strength”, “hitting shields” of police. He said they had been at the front of the crowd and shown no intention of leaving the square where mass rioting took place. Therefore the public prosecutor found that they had participated in mass rioting.

Kunash, however, asked the court to consider the Russian citizens’ age and the fact that their actions had not entailed grave consequences. According to Belarussian laws, participation in mass rioting carries the punishment of the deprivation of freedom of from three to eight years. The public prosecutor believes, however, that the punishment milder than the lowest level can be imposed on the Russian citizens.


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