Ex-candidate for presidency secretly escapes from Belarus

MINSK, March 14 (Itar-Tass) -- Alexei Mikhalevich, ex-candidate for the Belarussian presidency from the opposition who is under examination over a criminal case mass unrest in Minsk, has secretly left Belarus, non-state media agencies of Belarus reported on Monday with reference to Mikhalevich's Internet blog.

Mikhalevich said in his blog that he was summoned to KGB to take part in investigating procedures. The ex-presidential candidate declared that ” he has strong reasons to believe that he would never come out of KGB.” Mikhalevich declared that he was staying in a safe place now "beyond KGB's reach" and was going to go ahead with his activities aimed at "prevention of tortures and release of all those who were illegally imprisoned for political reasons".

Mikhalevich was detained overnight to December 20, 2010 and taken into custody. The ex-presidential candidate from the opposition faced a criminal charge in the framework of a criminal case opened into acts of mass unrest in Minsk on December 19, 2010 when the presidential election was held in Belarus.

On February 19 Mikhalevich was released from custody on condition that he should not leave Belarus. Several days after his release Mikhalevich said that “he was set free in exchange for his consent to collaborate with KGB.”

Mikhalevich claimed that prisoners were subjected to tortures in the KGB detention center, which was later officially denied by the information and public relations department of the Committee for State Security of the Republic of Belarus (KGB).


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