Belarus issues steel production results for Jan-Feb

According to the data released by Belarus' National Statistical Committee, in January-February this year Belarus registered a 2.4 percent increase year on year in its crude steel production to 442,500 metric tons, and a two percent year-on-year increase in its rolled steel product (finished) output to 419,900 metric tons.

Meanwhile, Belarus' output of steel pipes in the first two months of this year increased by 74.7 percent to 41,300 metric tons, its steel wire production went up by 39.6 percent to 14,000 metric tons and its steel cord output increased by 5.2 percent to 17,100 metric tons, all compared to January-February 2010.

As of March 1, 2011, steel producers in Belarus had accumulated 17,500 metric tons of steel pipes in their warehouses, a figure which equals 89.4 percent of their average monthly steel pipe production volume. The total value of metallurgical products accumulated in the warehouses of local producers as of March 1, 2011 amounted to Belarus Ruble 310.3 billion (approx. $102.7 million), which is equal to 40.4 percent of the country's average monthly metallurgical production volume.


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