Belarus President Holds Talk Swith CSTO Sec-Gen

MINSK, March 2 (BERNAMA- NNN-BELTA) -- Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met the Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), Nikolai Bordyuzha, here Tuesday to discuss priority activities of the grouping.

"There are several issues we are to discuss taking into account Belarus' chairmanship in this military and political organisation and the problems the world faces today. We have enough problems in the region, too," President Lukashenko said.

In particular, Bordyuzha was expected to update the Belarusian head of state on his recent trip to Kyrgyzstan and to highlight Belarusian initiatives on CSTO development.

The CSTO is an inter-governmental military alliance comprising Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.

The president also suggested looking into some other issues, including Belarusian-Russian relations. "I am interested in your assessment of the future prospects of the Union State and its role in the CSTO," President Lukashenko told Bordyuzha.

Bordyuzha announced that he intended to report on the plan of action to implement the decisions adopted at the December session of the CSTO. He said the work on this plan took about two months. All comments and suggestions were taken into account.

The plan consists of two sections. The first section included the Belarusian initiatives and priorities during its presidency, and the second the actions to implement decisions of the December session of the CSTO.

"The main thing is to refine and adjust the organisation to make it prepare for practical action in the event of a crisis," Bordyuzha said.

He said Belarus put forward initiatives to focus more on the development of peacekeeping capacity of the CSTO Collective Rapid Response Force, combat training and a number of other areas, including provision of modern weapons and equipment.

Other priorities also include the creation of the institute of the CSTO partnership and coordination of foreign activities.

He said President Lukashenko had approved the plan of action to implement the decisions taken by the CSTO Collective Security Council at the December session.

"The president has approved the plan, and we are ready to start its implementation," he added.

At the December session, Belarus announced initiatives for CSTO development during its chairmanship.

"They deal with peacekeeping capacity, enhancement of the Collective Rapid Response Forces, armament programme, formation of a partnership institute, co-ordination of foreign political activities and organisation of the CSTO troops training," he noted.

He added that consultations, exercises, training, conferences, would be conducted in every area which is of particular interest to Belarus during its CSTO chairmanship.

"The plan also contains events on CSTO general development. The major goal is to consider the issues of crisis response," Bordyuzha said.

He also reported to the head of state on his trip to Kyrgyzstan, the situation that is developing there and on the measures taken by the country's authorities to ensure stability, economic development and to prevent repeat riots.

"In addition, there are quite a lot of questions related to the intensification of extremist activity of the organizations that are based in Afghanistan. These questions have also been discussed with the President," Bordyuzha said.


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