Lithuania lashes out at Belarus nuclear plant

Belarus' nuclear plant would lie just 50 kilometers from the Lithuanian captal.

VILNIUS - Lithuania has again condemned plans in neighboring Belarus to build a new nuclear power plant, claiming that the country has not provided adequate information regarding the environmental impact of the project.

The statement was released less than a week after Russia pledged to support the project. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attended the signing of a deal last week that saw Russia agree to float Belarus nearly 10 billion US dollars for the project.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has consistently focused and continues to focus international community’s attention on the development of the nuclear energy project that does not meet international safety standards in Belarus," the Lithuanian foreign ministry said in a press release.

Plans call for Belarus' new nuclear power plant to be constructed on the border with Lithuania, just 50 kilometers from the capital of Vilnius.

"Every possible international means, international forums and bilateral contacts have been used and will be used to achieve this goal," the statement said.

Belarus had previously provided the country with an Environmental Impact Assessment. Lithuania argued that the document did not include any information on the environment impact on the other side of the border.

Lithuania is pressing forward with plans to build its own nuclear power plant to replace the one at Ignalina which was shut down in 2010.


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