Human Rights Activists Concerned At Belarusian Authorities' Including Ukrainian Citizens In Persona Non Grata List

Human rights activists are concerned at alleged inclusion of Ukrainian citizens in persona non grata list by the authorities of Belarus.

Volodymyr Chemeris, member of board of the Republic Institute for social and economic research, announced this at a press conference at the press center of Ukrainian News.

He noted that human right organizations should draw attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and ombudsperson Nina Karpachiova to this question.

"So as to prompt them to send inquiries to their colleagues in Belarus on how Ukrainian citizens are included in these lists, why they are not allowed in Belarus and why they are deported from that country," he said.

On March 9, Belarusian frontier guards detained and deported to Ukraine human rights activist Maksym Kitsiuk, a member of the Fund of Regional Initiatives youth non-government organization who monitored observation of human rights in Belarus.

The human rights activist was denied entry in Belarus, as he was allegedly on the persona non grata list.

Volodymyr Chemeris said Maksym Kitsiuk was included in the list for his being a human rights activist.

Russian citizen Andrei Yurov, chairman of the International Observation Mission in Belarus and director for development of the Moscow Helsinki group, who was also deported from Belarus, said he would trigger an action within which journalists, human rights activists, and members of non-government organizations will apply to the Embassy of Belarus in Ukraine with a request to inform whether they are on the persona non grata list.

According to Andrei Yurov, the action will help to establish whether persona non grata lists exist in Belarus.

He noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus denies the fact of existence of the lists of persons not allowed in that country.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Maksym Kitsiuk was deported from Belarus on March 9.


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