Purimspiel for Belarus Jews

MOGILEV, Belarus — The Mogilev Jewish Community celebrated Purim this year with a traditional Purimspiel that took place in a beautifully decorated room in a cozy cafe.

The Purim event included a costume contest, creating a fun and carnival-atmosphere, even amongst the adults, according to the coordinator of community programs for the Jewish community of Mogilev, Ida Shenderovich. “Many guests were transformed when wearing costumes, so much that they often could not recognized each other. A professional makeup artist invited especially for this occasion helped create this transformation!”

The Purim story and the holiday’s customs were presented through three Purimspiels, based on improvisation of the local actors. The guests also enjoyed a brief concert and the exchanging of Purim gifts, which further added to the party’s good atmosphere.

“It was very warm and touching to see that not only people acquainted with one another, but also those who were not, presented each other small Purim gifts,” noted Ida Shenderovich. “This part of the celebration brought people even closer together.”

All of the participants in the gathering expressed their gratitude to the organizers for their creativity and genuine interest.

The Jewish community of Mogilev is a member of the Association of Jewish Communities of Belarus and, by association, of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS and Baltic Countries.


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