Belarus satisfied with talks on Russia’s credits-ambassador

MINSK, March 25 (Itar-Tass) -- Belarus is satisfied with the results of the first round of talks on the allocation of Russian credits to it, ambassador of Russia to Belarus Alexander Surikov told journalists on Friday.

“The Belarussian side is satisfied with the first meeting – I know it,” he said. As Surikov said, during the first round of talks on credits, which were held in Moscow at the level of the finance ministers of Belarus and Russia, the sides “discussed common stances, that is opinions on the allocation of credits.” According to him, the sides also considered “specific actions of the Belarussian side connected with some reforms of the budget sphere - - the reduction of budget expenditures and, probably, state programmes, as well as stabilization of the monetary-financial policy.”

The ambassador added that during 10-12 days, measures will be developed by the Belarussian side and then the sides will begin a concrete talk on the allocation of credits and on these credits’ conditions.


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