Rock and reggae in solidarity with Belarus

Polish and Belarusian rock and reggae bands took poart in a concert, Sunday night, in front of Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science to show solidarity with what they say are Belarusians oppressed by the authoritarian President Aleksander Lukashenko administration.

The “In solidarity with Belarus 2011 – hear us out” concert was organized by the Free Belarus Initiative and featured performances by Akurat, Maleo Reagge Rockers and Janusz Staszewski from Poland as well as Belarusian bands Krama, Recha and Vinsent.

Similar concerts, meetings and discussions took place in other Polish cities, including Krakow in the south, Wloclawek in the west, the Tri-city on the Baltic coast, the central city of Lodz as well as Bialystok in the north-east.

Relations between Poland and Belarus, difficult for many years, worsened rapidly after the 19 December presidential elections, which have been widely criticised as being rigged in favour of Lukashenko.

The mass arrests and imprisonment of opposition candidates and activists that followed have been condemned by Poland, the EU and US.


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