Belarus tightens control over products from Japan

MINSK, March 29 (Itar-Tass) -- Belarus has tightened control over food products from Japan, Vasily Zharko, the health minister, told reporters on Tuesday. “The hygiene services jointly with the customs now tightened control over products from Japan,” the minister said.

He also noted that background radiation is constantly monitored in Belarus. “Radiation leakage from the Japanese NPS had no effect on background radiation in our country,” he said. He noted that “insignificant amounts of radiation vapors were registered also in Belarus, but they are no hazard.”

Meanwhile Maria Germenchuk, the director of the hydrometeorology department of the Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, told reporters that from the moment of radiation discharge from Fukushina-1 NPS, the radiation situation in Belarus was being monitored jointly with Russian colleagues. She said as a result of long-range transfer from Japan, traces of radioactive contamination were discovered on the Belarusian territory, but they were so minute as not to affect the radiation situation.


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