Shakira And Gerard Pique CAanoodle On Twitter

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Swivel-hipped Shakira and her Spanish footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique made their relationship official – as she posted a photograph of the couple with their arms around each other.

“Les presento a mi sol … Shak,” wrote the 34-year-old star. Translated? “I present to you my sunshine.”

Gerard, who plays for FC Barcelona, is ten years her junior at 24-years-old.

Meanwhile, Shakira is among the stars who have been urged to cancel concerts in Belarus amid ongoing political turmoil in the country.

The Colombian songstress is slated to play a gig in Minsk, Belarus in May, while electronic music superstar Moby and rockers Deep Purple also have upcoming concerts scheduled for the city.

Human rights activists are now pleading with the musical acts to cancel concerts in the Eastern European country in protest at the alleged incarceration of hundreds of pro-democracy activists there.

Natasha Koliada, a spokeswoman for the Free Belarus Now group, which represents the families of many arrested by authorities, is pleading with all the stars to scrap the shows and take a stand against the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko.

Koliada tells Britain’s The Independent newspaper, “We appeal to these artists to cancel their concerts in Belarus because any visit would give a sign to the dictator Alexander Lukashenko that kidnappings, murders and torture in Kgb (State Security Agency of the Republic of Belarus) jails are acceptable.”

While Irina Bogdanova, sister of imprisoned presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, adds, “I was appalled when I heard that these artists are coming to perform in Belarus. Throughout recent history prominent singers, sportsmen and musicians have always taken a strong position towards countries when human rights are violated and where there is no freedom or justice.”

For her part, Shakira is not budging. “The rumours surrounding the cancellation of Shakira’s concert in Belarus are completely unfounded,” she writes on Twitter. “We look forward to the show on May 19th.”


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