Robe installed at Minsk Arena

Paul Milligan,

Robe moving lights and DigitalSpots have been installed at the new Minsk Arena in the Belarus capital. It is part of a complex of buildings that includes the flagship 15,000 seater ice hockey arena, one of the largest in Europe, which is also used as a concert hall.

The fixtures were specified by Robe’s Belarus distributor Art Ramos to the installers as part of a government contract. The main contractor Belcultproject was responsible for supplying the products to the venue.

The DigitalSpots are rigged in the roof on to two horizontal spans of overhead trussing running down both long sides of the Arena, and together with the ColorSpot 700E ATs, they form part of a set of mobile ‘house’ concert lights.

The DigitalSpots are also used for all the pre-game shows hosted by the local ice hockey team, Dinamo Minsk and for concerts for artists Linkin’ Park, Rammstein, Elton John, and Sting.


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